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Uncover the characteristics of Jiangxin induction heater

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Uncover the characteristics of Jiangxin induction heater

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1. Characteristics of melting furnace of induction heater series products

2. High melting efficiency, good power saving effect, compact structure and strong load working capacity.

3. The temperature around the furnace is low, there is less dust, and the natural working environment is good.

4. Practical operation, simple processing technology and reliable smelting operation.

5. The composition of metal materials is symmetrical.

6. Rapid melting and heating, easy temperature control and high production efficiency.

7. The stove has high utilization rate and convenient disassembly and replacement.

The long arc yoke shields the magnetic flux leakage and reduces the external magnetoelectric type. It shields the magnetic flux leakage on both sides of the electromagnetic coil. The cross section of the yoke is arc-shaped. The inner side is seamlessly spliced close to the surface, which improves the reasonable total area of magnetization and makes the lower ring get a faster support point. The distinctive positive and negative surface rotating electromagnetic coils greatly enhance the efficiency of the operating system.

Characteristics of induction heating machine

2. Characteristics of diathermal furnace of induction heater series products

(1) Faster heating speed, high manufacturing efficiency, less air oxidation decarbonization, and saving raw materials and forging die costs. Because the mechanism of medium frequency induction heating is the magnetic effect of current, and its calorific value is caused in the product workpiece itself, ordinary workers can carry out the continuous work of forging task ten minutes after working with medium frequency electric furnace, and there is no need for professional workers of furnace burning technology to carry out furnace burning and furnace sealing in advance. There is no need to be afraid of the consumption of heated raw materials in the coal furnace due to power failure or common faults. Because the heating method has faster temperature raising speed, there is very little air oxidation, less comparison between one ton of steel casting and coal-fired furnace, saving 20-50kg of stainless steel plate raw materials, and the utilization rate of raw materials can reach 95%. Because the heating method is evenly heated and the temperature difference between the core and surface is very small, the service life of the forging die is greatly improved at the casting level, and the surface roughness of the surface layer of the steel casting is also lower than 50um. (2) Excellent office environment, improve the natural working environment and corporate image of employees, zero pollution and low energy consumption. Compared with the induction heating furnace and coal furnace, the workers are not easy to be inflamed again. The baking and smoking of the coal furnace in the warm sun can meet the various index values specified by the Environmental Protection Bureau. At the same time, it can shape the external brand image of the enterprise and the future development trend of the calcination industry. Induction heating is an environment-friendly and energy-saving heating method in electric heating furnace. The power consumption of tons of steel castings heated from indoor temperature to 1100 ℃ is less than 360 degrees. (3) The heating is symmetrical, the temperature difference of the core meter is very small, and the temperature control is high-precision. The calorific value of induction heating is caused by the product workpiece itself, so the heating is symmetrical and the temperature difference between the core and surface is very small. The temperature control system software can be used to accurately control the ambient temperature and improve the product quality and compliance rate.

Characteristics of induction heating machine

Medium frequency electric furnace heating equipment has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, excellent heat treatment quality and beneficial to the natural environment. It is rapidly replacing coal-fired furnace, gas furnace, oil furnace and general heat treatment furnace. It is a new generation of metal material heating machinery and equipment. Medium frequency electric furnace is the primary machine and equipment in the production workshop of casting, forging and heat treatment process. The reliability, stability and safety factor of its work task is the guarantee for all normal and stable work of the production line of casting, forging and heat treatment process. Large brands of medium frequency electric furnaces in China, such as Hebei Hengyuan electric furnace manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shandong jinhuaxin Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. In recent years, several companies in China have continued scientific research and developed ultra-high frequency induction machines. The vibration frequency can reach 1.5MHz, and the welding points are smaller. They are more suitable for high-precision components, such as eyeglass frames, extremely fine cables, etc. Among them, Dongguan Guangyuan frequency conversion electronic device equipment factory is symbolic.

Characteristics of induction heating machine

Induction heating machines are used to cover vehicles, motorcycle parts, railway rails, aerospace, weapons manufacturing, mechanical equipment manufacturing, household appliances manufacturing and laser cutting processing of special metal materials. They are used for heat penetration before hot die forging, surface and partial heat treatment and quenching of products, brazing of motors, household appliances and gate valves, calcination of tungsten, molybdenum and copper tungsten, melting of gold, silver and other metal materials.

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