80kw100kw120kw control cabinet 

Basic Info.

Model NO.:JS1000-80/100/120

Type:Induction Heating Machine

Certification:CE, ISO

Structure:Vertical Type


Rated Power:80kw/100kw/120kw

Power Adjustment Range:20%~100%

Rated Voltage:380V

Voltage Adaptation Range:300V~440V

Adapt to Ambient Temperature:-20 Degrees Celsius to 50 Degrees Celsius

Adapt to Environmental Humidity:Less Than or Equal to 95%

Heat Dissipation Mode:Air-Cooled / Water-Cooled


Transport Package:Wooden Frame


Origin:Guangdong Province, China

HS Code:8514400090

Product Description

Induction heating control cabinet 80KW/100KW/120KW


Product feature 1

Integrated with digital core controller and German infineon IGBT frequency conversion driver, intelligent temperature control module control hot air output, over current, over temperature protection;Heating coil short circuit, open circuit protection.

Product feature 2

Variable frequency output can automatically adjust the output power according to the temperature; the cable itself does not generate heat, and can withstand the high temperature below 1000 degrees Celsius, the design life of the main engine is more than 10 years, the heating system basically has no maintenance cost in the later stage.Under the same condition, it is more than 30% more energy efficient than coal, and 60% more energy efficient than natural gas and fuel oil.

Product feature 3

The system control power supply adopts multi-level EMI suppression to ensure the best power supply under severe power conditions

The key to choosing an electromagnetic control cabinet is to look at these four points

1,Specialization: DSP high-speed operation control, digital programmable technology, high-speed optocoupler drive, open hardware architecture

2,Stable performance: The Full bridge IGBT module is used as the main circuit structure, which can save power by 30% ~ 80%, and the thermal efficiency can reach 95%, which can be customized:

3,Worry-free after-sale: one year warranty, professional technical staff guidance, lifetime cost maintenance of wearing parts, after-sales customer service one-to-one tracking service:

4,Quality assurance: 15 years of careful development, EU CE certification, ISO9001 quality management certification


Plastic rubber industry:Such as: electromagnetic heating projects, rubber machines, pelletizers, vulcanizers, extruders;

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry:Such as: medical machinery steam sterilizers, medical infusion bags, plastic equipment production lines, liquid heating pipelines in the chemical industry, etc .

Energy and food industry:Such as: heating of crude oil transportation pipelines, food machinery, hot air pipeline drying furnaces, tea processing equipment and other equipment that requires electrical heating

Building materials industry:gas pipe production line, plastic pipe production line, PE plastic hard flat net, geonet net unit, automatic blow molding machine, PE honeycomb board production line, single and double wall corrugated pipe extrusion production line, composite air cushion film unit, PVC hard Tube, PP extrusion transparent sheet production line, extruded polystyrene foam tube, PE winding film unit;

Energy saving reconstruction:Aluminum-plastic plate roller oven electromagnetic heating project, energy-saving transformation of various plastic machines, etc.

1,Connect the power supply voltage of the cooling fan, but connect the 220V power when the fan is 220V, and connect the 380V power when the fan is 380V

2,Connected with cooling fan 220V / 380V (depending on the user, generally 380V)

3,When the external cooling fan is DC 24V, this interface is a switch that controls the 24V fan to work or stop. The two ends of the interface are actually the normally closed contact points of the relay output on the motherboard.

4,Dual AC 24V power supply (choose 4 or 5 when making half bridge)

5,Dual AC 24V power supply (choose 4 or 5 when making half bridge)

6,Single AC 16V power supply

7,Power indicator (red)

8,Work indicator light, flashing during standby, and always on (green) during work

9,External indicator light, led to the LED interface outside the chassis

10,The soft start interface is connected to the R / s interface outside the chassis (can be set to open or close work through F-20, factory default close work, open stop status

11,Finely adjust the power potentiometer. When there is a large deviation in power, this potentiometer can be adjusted appropriately.

12,32-bit high-speed DSP processor

13,Externally connected programmable operating display

14,Isolated RS485 communication interface

15,External load temperature detection interface 1, with accuracy of ± 1 ° C (maximum 150 ° C) single channel, default 1 is used to measure external working temperature

16,External load temperature detection interface 2, with accuracy of ± 1 ° C (maximum 150 ° C)

17,Multi-function input interface (set by F-20)

(1)10K input for external connection potentiometer, can adjust the power range from 20% to 100%

(2)Externally connected PID input (0 ~ 5V) input

Do infrared thermometer or thermocouple conversion voltage 0 ~ 5V input to achieve the display temperature and control power size (up to 1000ºC can be measured and displayed)

18,Connect the high-frequency Mutual inductor and pay attention to the direction. If the direction is reversed, the power is very small

19,IGBT module drive (when doing half bridge, choose 19, 20 or 23, 24)

20,IGBT module drive (when doing half bridge, choose 19, 20 or 23, 24)

21,Connected to high voltage DC bus

22,IGBT temperature sensor interface

23,IGBT module drive (when doing half bridge, choose 19, 20 or 23, 24)

24,IGBT module drive (when doing half bridge, choose 19, 20 or 23, 24)

25,Connected to high voltage DC bus

26,RS485 communication interface, connect A ,B

27,Externally connected K-type thermocouple

28,Externally connected 12V relay drives other required loads, synchronized with the fan start / stop of the machine


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are factory.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 40 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

A: provide. Charge according to the retail price of the product.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: Payment:30% T/T in advance ,Pay in full before shipment.

Q:What other products does the company have?

A:Electromagnetic heater, electromagnetic steam generator, Electromagnetic hot blast furnace