2.5kW/3kW small plastic mechanical induction heater 

Basic Info.

Model NO.:JS1200-2.5/3

Type:Induction Heating Machine

Certification:CE, ISO



Rated Voltage:220V

Voltage Adaptation Range:220V±20%

Rated Power:2.5kW/3kW

Power Adjustment Range:20~100%

Adapt to Ambient Temperature:-20 ~ 40 Degrees Celsius

Adapt to Environmental Humidity:Less Than or Equal to 95%


Transport Package:Carton / Wood Frame


Weight: 2kg

Origin:Guangdong Province, China

Product Description

The 2.5KW / 220V all-digital inductionheating controller is a major improvement for Jonson induction 15-year-old traditional half-bridge circuit. It has carefully developed energy-saving heaters specifically for injection molding machines and small plastic machinery.The circuit adopts full digital control and dual-core half-bridge driving structure. It has the characteristics of integration, intelligence, simple and convenient installation and debugging, and flexible control.It is an ideal product for injection molding machine, energy saving transformation of small plastic machinery and equipment, and heating equipment heating.

Basic performance parameters of 2.5KW induction heater

NamePerformance parameter

rated power:Single-phase 2.5KW

Rated input current:10-11(A)

Rated output current:100-150(A)

Rated voltage frequency:AC 220V/50Hz

Voltage adaptation range:100V ~ 260V, constant power output at 210 ~ 260V

Adapt to ambient temperature:-20ºC~50ºC

Adapt to environmental humidity:≤95%

Power adjustment range:20% ~ 100% stepless adjustment(That is: adjustment between 0.5 ~ 2.5KW)

Heat conversion efficiency:≥95%

Effective power:≥98%(Can be customized according to user needs)

working frequency:5~40KHz

Main circuit structure:Half-bridge series resonance

Control System:DSP-based high-speed automatic phase-locking tracking control system

Application mode:Open application platform

monitor:Programmable digital display

start time:<1S

Instantaneous overcurrent protection time:≤2US

Power overload protection:130% instantaneous protection

Soft start mode:1,Fully electrically isolated soft start heating / stop mode

2,With 12V and 24V input start / stop mode

Support PID adjustment power:Identify 0-5V input voltage

Support 0 ~ 1000 ºC load temperature detection:Accuracy up to ± 1 ºC

Adaptive coil parameters:2.5KW  4 square line, length 23m, inductance 100 ~ 150uH

Coil to load distance(Thermal insulation thickness):20-25mm for circle, 15-20mm for plane, 10-15mm for ellipse and within 10 mm for super ellipse


Induction Heating

The control board of induction devices has been specially designed to save energy in the heating needs of injection molding, extrusion machines and cable production machines as a result of 15 years of R&D.

After the installation of the product, injection molding machine etc. Energy savings of 30% to 80% will be achieved in the electrical energy required to heat the such devices. Therefore, induction heating devices are ideal heating equipment especially for specified machines.

Is your heating process costly and spends a lot of energy?


Heat losses and inconsistent application of heat cause product quality to decrease, unit costs to increase and profit to be consumed. Energy cost is one of the most important expense items in the production. In this regard, the most economical products are produced with the correct energy application.

Induction heating focuses energy only on the area of the part you want to heat. Since energy is transferred directly from the coil to your material, there is no heating loss, such as no flame or air, therefore the induction heating will increase your heat treatment efficiency. As seen in the energy comparison above, 2.5 KW induction heater is used to heat the material that saves at least 30% energy saving compared to the application of 2.5 KW conventional resistance heater。

Can Induction Heating Improve Your Process Heating?

If your process matches well with induction heating, induction heating can increase your efficiency and safety, saving energy. However, not every application is suitable for induction heating. In processes that do not take advantage of the primary benefits of induction heating, such as sensitivity and thermal insulation, this heating is not recommended.

How to Design a Coil in Induction Heating?


 Induction heating has been used for decades in the manufacturing industry, as this type of heating ensures wireless transmission of energy to any conductive material, so it is possible to heat a sample without direct contact with the heater.

In induction heating, the sample is placed in a magnetic field that is released thousands of times per second, the power transmitted depends on the electrical conductivity and the magnetic properties of the material.

We can assist you with material selection, coil design and parameters such as frequency and magnetic field amplitude. In detail, we can help you with the following activities

• Optimization of the power and homogeneity of the magnetic field

• Frequency and amplitude selection

• Coil design, shape, diameters, length

• Material selection