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Power restriction order? Stop work order? However, power rationing is encountered during the peak period of resumption of production. How should enterprises save energy?

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Power restriction order? Stop work order? However, power rationing is encountered during the peak period of resumption of production. How should enterprises save energy?

Seeing the impact of the epidemic gradually passed, the enterprise gradually entered the peak of resumption of production, but suffered a blow from the power restriction order at this time! As far as the current market is concerned, the sequelae of the long-term low coal price is the explosive surge in coal price, and the surge in coal price means that power generation is losing money, power is not making money, but the supply is in short supply. In order to protect the needs of people's livelihood, there is a power restriction order, and the stop date has not yet been obtained. As the only major producer recovering from the epidemic, China's industrial power consumption has increased significantly. However, the professional words such as planned power outage, orderly power consumption and demand side response have hurt the hearts of industrial heating enterprises.


Heating equipment accounts for more than 60% of the energy of the whole industrial equipment, which is an important part of the production process of most products. At the same time, it is also a necessary expenditure for enterprises to use electricity. Power shortage, in the final analysis, is that some places usually do not develop green, low-carbon and clean new energy, and only wake up to the transformation when they "switch off and limit power". Therefore, no matter what the reason for power restriction is, enterprises need to implement it "from top to bottom", actively carry out energy-saving and environmental protection transformation, reduce energy consumption, become a green and clean enterprise, and give up part of the load, so as to reduce the overall pressure of the power system and realize the balance of power supply and demand!1633664306950008.jpg

The energy saving of enterprises is more reflected in improving production efficiency and shortening production time. In the field of industrial high-power heating, the resistance heating tube, known as the electric tiger, has occupied half of the country for a long time. Under the power restriction order, the disadvantages of resistance type low energy consumption are becoming more and more obvious. Conventional resistance heating needs to heat itself and then transfer it to the pipeline. In the process of transfer, the heat will be greatly dissipated into the air, resulting in the loss of energy. Moreover, the resistance heating tube has slow temperature rise and long preheating time, which leads to the disadvantage of low energy utilization rate and conversion rate. Therefore, in order to achieve low-carbon, green, energy-saving and environmental protection, it is necessary to change the current situation of resistance heating.1633664312160476.jpg

In this energy-saving transformation, frequency conversion electromagnetic heating equipment, like a shining star, has broken into the eyes of industrial high-power heating enterprises. High quality frequency conversion electromagnetic heating equipment has high installation cost in the early stage, so it has been widely used in low-power industries such as injection molding machine, wire drawing machine, frying machine, marshmallow machine and so on. With the promulgation of the air pollution control law, the frequency conversion electromagnetic heater with clean energy electricity as raw material began to be widely used in the energy-saving transformation of high-power heating. Therefore, Mr. Zhou Wujiang, an electromagnetic heating researcher, has always said with a smile: "the more high-power heating places, the more obvious the power saving effect!"

The frequency conversion electromagnetic heater can use the principle of electromagnetic induction to quickly heat the heated body itself, save the process of heat transfer, speed up the temperature rise, and reduce a lot of prenatal preheating time. The heated body is wrapped with thermal insulation cotton to isolate almost all the heat from the inside of the heating body, and the thermal efficiency is about 30% ~ 50% higher than that of resistance heating! According to the actual data, only 20kW is needed to meet the actual heating demand when the 24kw resistance diffusion pump is changed to frequency conversion electromagnetic heater; 60kW resistance heating pipeline transformation uses frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating technology, which can reduce the total power to 48kW! At a time when the world is about to fall into an energy crisis, frequency conversion electromagnetic heating equipment can help many enterprises implement green energy-saving transformation, make a lot of little, gather into sand, and cooperate with the policy to lift the power restriction order as soon as possible!

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