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Introduction of energy saving electromagnetic heating steam generator

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Introduction of energy saving electromagnetic heating steam generator

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Steam generator (also known as steam boiler) is a more common equipment in industry. It is commonly used in washing, ironing, textile printing and dyeing, feed pelletizing, paper packaging, foam shaping, biopharmaceutical, medical disinfection, distilling and distilling. The traditional electric steam generator is easy to be popular in the market due to its low cost. However, due to the resistance heating, low conversion efficiency and easy failure of the heating tube, many users "complain" and have to pursue other solutions. Therefore, electromagnetic energy steam generator came into being. Compared with the traditional electric heating steam generator, the electromagnetic heating steam generator has the characteristics of more energy saving, safer and longer service life. In the past two years, it has been welcomed by users. The structure of electromagnetic steam generator is mainly composed of electromagnetic induction heater, pressure vessel and induction heating coil, water level display and pressure control system. The functions of each part are completely different and shoulder different functions. Specifically, the energy-saving steam generator has the following advantages and characteristics:


1. The inner tank is a non pressure vessel, which is safe and has no explosion risk. It does not need to be reported for annual review, work with certificate and build a new boiler room. It has the universality of replacing traditional boilers.

2. Stepless free adjustment of pressure, gas and electricity consumption and steam consumption, production on demand, no waste of energy.

3. In terms of environmental protection, the emission can be as low as less than 30 mg of measured nitrogen oxides, reaching strict emission standards.

4. Steam production is fast, and the process from start-up to steam generation can be completed in only 1 minute. No need to wait.

5. With PID frequency conversion heating technology, pressure power proportional regulation, control and on-demand steam supply.

6. German IGBT frequency conversion hardware technology configuration is stable, with thermal efficiency of more than 98% and constant power all year round.

7. Visual touch screen intelligent operation - fully automatic operation, online remote assistance, energy-saving data analysis, no need for special personnel on duty, 24-hour real-time monitoring of production changes.

8. The maintenance is convenient. The pure water filtered by the industrial pure water machine is used as the medium, which fundamentally reduces the possibility and hidden danger of easy scaling and regular descaling of conventional boilers, ensures the safety of equipment, and reduces the maintenance cost of equipment.

9. The ground area is small, the weight is light, the pipeline distance is shortened to the nearest installation distance, and the pipeline heat loss is greatly reduced.

10. Saturated dry steam - equipment that can reach 99.5% dry saturated steam and can avoid steam corrosion.

11. The self-developed steam energy recovery device can recycle the exhaust gas temperature during steam energy combustion, so as to improve the inlet water temperature, reduce the exhaust gas temperature, and further reduce the cost and increase the efficiency.

12. Strong error detection and anti-interference capabilities, not only can be compatible with all functions, but also can realize product customization services.

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