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What are the advantages of applying electromagnetic heating equipment in industrial high energy efficiency transformation?

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What are the advantages of applying electromagnetic heating equipment in industrial high energy efficiency transformation?

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Industrial heating is the main link of enterprise production, and its power consumption is huge. In addition, the traditional industrial electric heating is generally based on resistance heating. The installation cost of resistance heating is low, so when the frequency conversion electromagnetic heating equipment is not available in a large area, it quickly dominates the industrial heating market. However, the times will never stop moving forward. With the more mature production technology, the low energy efficiency and high power consumption of resistance heating are gradually exposed. Therefore, it has also won the nickname of "electric tiger". Nowadays, facing the energy crisis caused by environmental degradation, many countries begin to curb it from the source and focus on the transformation of green environmental protection. "Electric tiger" has also been listed in the pending list by enterprises. Frequency conversion electromagnetic heating equipment is widely used in energy-efficient and energy-saving transformation by enterprises because of its high energy utilization and zero emission! So, what are the advantages of applying electromagnetic heating equipment in industrial energy-efficient transformation?


From the perspective of environmental protection, although resistance heating is more environmentally friendly than coal-fired boilers, it itself forms a kind of convective dust in the heating process, causing pollution to the environment. At the same time, due to the large-area diffusion of heat into the air, the production environment temperature rises. Especially in summer, some enterprises have to use air conditioning to reduce the temperature, which leads to a secondary waste of energy. On the contrary, the electromagnetic heating equipment itself will not generate heat. The magnetic induction eddy current makes the heated body itself generate heat quickly, without waste gas, waste, smoke, etc. large area use can play a positive and effective role in improving the air quality in a certain area!1640162149836536.jpg

In terms of energy utilization rate, electromagnetic heating equipment is generally wound on the heated body in the form of cable. The heating body itself generates heat by using the principle of electromagnetic induction. At the same time, the outer layer of the heated body is wrapped with thermal insulation cotton to prevent heat loss and reduce the process of heat transfer. The thermal efficiency is more than 98.8%. The resistance type needs to heat itself first, and then transfer it to the heated body. The inner and outer sides of the ring generate heat, and the heat on its inner surface (close to the barrel) is transmitted to the barrel, while most of the external heat is lost to the air, resulting in direct loss and waste of electric energy. Low energy utilization.1640162156371382.jpg

In terms of service life, the resistance wire is easy to burn out due to aging under high temperature, so it needs to be repaired and replaced continuously during use. It consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. At the same time, stopping work to replace the resistance wire will also affect the production efficiency! The electromagnetic heating coil itself will not generate heat, and can withstand a high temperature of more than 500 ℃, with long service life. It does not need to be overhauled and maintained from time to time, and there is basically no maintenance cost in the later stage. Secondly, Jiangxin electromagnetic heater adopts microcomputer frequency conversion electromagnetic heating system to keep the power constant, ensure the heating effect and prolong the service life of electrical appliances

From the overall analysis, Jiangxin electromagnetic heating equipment has the technical advantages of one key start, digital input, simple operation and full-automatic operation. The body is equipped with fault code detection and has a high degree of automation. High speed DSP phase-shifting algorithm, each output cycle is accurately calculated to achieve better energy-saving effect and multi-level EMI suppression, so as to ensure high-quality power supply under bad power supply conditions. Add the coil to ground protection function, which can effectively protect the whole system and ensure safe use when the coil is broken or short circuited to ground. Magnetic isolation drive technology solves the interference problem caused by optocoupler drive, up to more than 50MW combined parallel operation and reliable operation!

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