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First stand and then break, frequency conversion electromagnetic heating furnace helps to solve the problem of clean heating!

2022-01-18    Views:658

First stand and then break, frequency conversion electromagnetic heating furnace helps to solve the problem of clean heating!

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In recent years, frequency conversion electromagnetic heating furnace has been more and more favored by electric heating residents in the north. In the final analysis, it is necessary to change coal to electricity - not only to maintain the effectiveness of cleaning, but also to ensure that people's livelihood will not be cold! Recently, the news of "banning firewood and sealing stoves in the ancient city of Shanhaiguan, causing the elderly to cry" has aroused widespread concern in the society. It can not help but make people ponder whether clean heating is really feasible? Clean heating is an important link related to the treatment of the atmospheric environment and a livelihood project. However, we should take the protection of people's warmth for the winter as the bottom line. No matter what kind of clean heating method is used, we should insist on standing first and then breaking, and not standing or breaking. Avoid "one size fits all" lazy politics! The frequency conversion electromagnetic heating furnace that does not emit any harmful substances can help solve the one size fits all problem of clean heating!


The underground pipe network is complex, the laying of thermal pipe network can not be realized, there are many bungalows, the heating temperature is not up to standard, the elderly can not bear the drying and smell of hot air, etc., which are all obstacles to the clean heating process. Jiangxin frequency conversion electromagnetic heating furnace is divided into household electromagnetic heating wall mounted furnace, commercial electromagnetic heating furnace and combined frequency conversion electromagnetic heating unit supporting coal to electricity project. Using the principle of heat generated by electromagnetic induction eddy current, water and electricity are completely separated to isolate potential leakage hazards. It is safer to use. There is no combustion, no waste and no emission of harmful gases. It has the characteristics of clean, efficient and pollution-free. When used in a large area, it can play a positive and effective role in improving the air quality in a certain area!1640849030478615.jpg

Heating home, no road excavation, reduce the heat loss, maintenance and construction funds of public pipe network. Modular combination, small floor area and reduced construction investment. Three dimensional integrated heating converts electric energy into heat energy, so that the container itself can quickly heat up and rapidly increase the temperature of water in the container, and then heat through radiator, floor heating pipe and other heat dissipation ends, with a thermal efficiency of more than 98.8%! No hot air directly blows the human body, in line with the flow direction of heating heat flow, comfortable and hygienic. Low temperature antifreeze, dry burning protection, overcurrent, overvoltage and other multiple safety protection functions. It is a microcomputer frequency conversion electromagnetic heating system with constant control power and 6-stage timing function, combined with remote mobile phone app monitoring and real-time data display, making the operation easier!1640849052200352.jpg

Clean heating can effectively improve the air quality and environment, and everyone should support it. But at the same time, we should also ensure that the people of the north can spend the winter warm. In order to enjoy the blue sky, white clouds and twinkling stars, Jiangxin frequency conversion electromagnetic heating furnace will continue to escort the "blue sky project"!

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