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Explanation of theoretical basis of magnetic field research of electromagnetic heater coil

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Explanation of theoretical basis of magnetic field research of electromagnetic heater coil

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Electromagnetic heater coils are mainly divided into disc-shaped and cylindrical forms. They are widely used in heating fields such as film blowing machine, granulator, wire drawing machine and steel in industry. However, in practical application, due to different winding methods, different magnetic field interference will be generated, which will affect people's control of temperature. Therefore, people will study the magnetic field of electromagnetic heater coil, and the theoretical basis is needed as the support point.

Maxwell's electromagnetic field theory is the heating theoretical basis of electromagnetic heater coil. It is a set of methods to describe electric field and magnetic field and a set of partial differential equations of the relationship between current density and charge density established by British physicist James Maxwell in the 19th century. The equations are composed of ampere loop law, Faraday electromagnetic induction law, Gauss flux law and Gauss flux law. The essence of solving the electromagnetic field of electromagnetic heater coil is to analyze, study and verify the parameters according to these equations.

Before solving the coil equation of electromagnetic heater, it is also necessary to set the boundary conditions of electromagnetic field to ensure the accuracy of calculation. The boundary conditions to be set include (Neumann) boundary conditions, Dirichlet boundary conditions and their combinations. When the boundary conditions and initial conditions are set, the experimental data can be set into the equation to study the characteristics of the magnetic field. Before studying the coil magnetic field of electromagnetic heater, people not only need to understand these theoretical knowledge, but also need to integrate them. Otherwise, there will be problems of inaccurate data and inadequate analysis in the process of experimental research, which will affect the correctness and scientificity of the research conclusion.

Reasons for the service life of industrial electromagnetic heater

When purchasing industrial electromagnetic heaters, factories not only pay attention to their heating efficiency, but also pay attention to their service life. Heating equipment with high heating efficiency and long service life is very popular in factories, but it often backfires in the actual use process. An industrial electromagnetic heater is expected to have a service life of 5 to 10 years. It may fail seriously before 5 years, resulting in a great discount in heating efficiency.

There are many reasons for the short service life of industrial electromagnetic heater, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Improper matching, the heating demand of the factory does not match the heat generated by the electromagnetic heater, and the heating demand is too high, resulting in frequent overload of the equipment. In the long run, various aging problems will appear in various parts to accelerate the decline of performance.

2. The industrial electromagnetic heater is improperly installed, and there is not enough space around for ventilation, resulting in the ambient temperature being higher than 40 ℃ for a long time.

3. The working environment of the equipment is too poor, and the humidity in the factory workshop is too large, resulting in damp electromagnetic induction coil and short circuit; There is too much dust in the factory, resulting in serious ash falling of the heater, unable to dissipate heat in time, and the operating temperature of the coil is too high.

4. There are too many high-power electrical equipment around the electromagnetic heater, resulting in the instability of the power grid. When the voltage flowing through the coil is unstable, it is easy to damage the coil.

In order to prolong the service life of industrial electromagnetic heater, the factory must pay attention to purchasing heating equipment with appropriate heating performance, and hire professional personnel to install it to ensure the smoothness of equipment use. In the process of use, pay attention to keep the workshop dry, ventilated and clean, so as to provide a good environment for industrial electromagnetic heater. If necessary, clean the dust on the equipment and coils irregularly.

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