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How to test and collect magnetic field of electromagnetic heater coil

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How to test and collect the magnetic field of solenoid heater coil

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According to its winding shape, the coil of electromagnetic heater can be divided into flat disc type, cylindrical type and screw conical type. Different winding methods will produce different electromagnetic induction effects. In order to better understand the performance of different electromagnetic heater coils and accurately control the heating temperature, people need to understand the performance characteristics of their magnetic field. This requires people to measure the magnetic field of electromagnetic induction coil, then collect relevant data and analyze useful information from the data.

According to people's experience, SS495A integrated Hall element can be used to measure the magnetic field of electromagnetic heater coil. In the measuring instrument, the power supply provides a stable constant current source for the induction coil to stabilize the induced magnetic field. The working voltage of Hall element is provided by adjustable and stable voltage source, and the output voltage of Hall element is measured in real time with digital multimeter. When the steady current flows through the coil of the electromagnetic heater, the magnetic field can be generated, and the actual magnetic field can be statically simulated by direct current. By replacing different electromagnetic induction coils, the magnetic field distribution characteristics of coils with different topologies can be measured.

When testing the magnetic field data of electromagnetic heater coil, it is generally divided into two groups. A set of test conditions are as follows: the current flowing into the coil each time is stable 500mA, the current variation range needs to be controlled within the period of 0 ~ 5.5A, the starting voltage is 2.49991v, and the working voltage is 4.98v. Under this condition, test the magnetic induction intensity on the induction coil, and then make relevant tables. The purpose of the second group of tests is to measure the horizontal distribution of magnetic field in the coil of electromagnetic heater. The test conditions are as follows: the initial output voltage is 2.4992v, the excitation current is 3a and the working voltage is 4.99v. Start the test at a group of test points, move 1cmm each time to test the corresponding magnetic field value until the test point is 5cm from the original test point. Collect and sort out the test data, and you can have relevant harvest.

Problems in coil of flat plate electromagnetic heater

Because the flat electromagnetic heater coil has the advantage of small space, it is often used in household appliances, such as induction cooker, electric water heater and water heater. Because the heating temperature requirements of household appliances are relatively low, the design of electromagnetic heater coil is relatively simple, and its temperature control is also relatively simple. However, in industrial heating work, flat electromagnetic coil is rarely used, because people can not control the balance of heating and the accuracy of temperature. People still need to do further research on temperature control.

After the finite element analysis of the coil of flat electromagnetic heater, people can sort out the magnetic field analysis of the coil and understand the factors affecting its size. In a planar coil, the magnetic induction inside the coil decreases gradually from the outside to the circle. On the contrary, the magnetic induction outside the coil decreases gradually from the center of the circle, and the attenuation speed is very fast. In the whole space, the magnetic field is mainly distributed near the coil of the flat electromagnetic heater. In space, it takes the coil as the center and attenuates rapidly outward. Because the magnetic field distribution of the pie coil has such characteristics, there will be a heating dead zone in the electromagnetic heating equipment using the pie coil. If it is made into an induction cooker, it will lead to uneven heating in the heating area. If this problem is to be solved, we can only improve the heat transfer performance of the induction cooker panel.

Although the current research on the coil of flat electromagnetic heater has encountered a bottleneck period, and many problems can not be completely solved, many scholars and enterprises who have deeply studied these problems believe that they will be able to find a solution. Even if it cannot be completely solved temporarily, alternative solutions can be adopted to reduce the impact of coil defects of flat plate electromagnetic heater.

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