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Description of glass copper tube of electromagnetic heater

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Description of glass copper tube of electromagnetic heater

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Electromagnetic heater is usually composed of electromagnetic heating device, control system and circulating water system. The electromagnetic heating device also includes electromagnetic coil, metal core, glass copper tube, temperature switch and other components. Each part has its unique function and plays an important role in electromagnetic heater. Today, we will learn more about the performance and function of glass copper pipe, so that we can have a clearer understanding of it.

At present, the glass copper pipe used in electromagnetic heater is mostly made of glass fiber and phenolic resin. It has the advantages of high mechanical strength, strong fire resistance, high insulation performance, high thermal deformation temperature and no shielding to electromagnetic. Glass copper pipes with different properties can bear different water pressure limits. Heating furnace manufacturers can make glass copper pipes with different inner wall diameters and wall thicknesses according to the heating needs of users. For example, an electromagnetic heater designs a glass copper pipe with a length of 270mm, an inner wall diameter of 60mm and a wall thickness of 5mm. It can withstand a water pressure of 0.5MPa and a high temperature of 95 ℃.

The role of glass copper tube in electromagnetic heater is reflected in two aspects. One is to cool the solenoid. The heating furnace manufacturer directly wraps the electromagnetic coil on the outer wall of the glass copper pipe. Because the glass copper pipe has strong heat conduction performance, it can quickly transfer the temperature of the electromagnetic coil to the water in the cylinder, so it can reduce the temperature of the electromagnetic coil and reduce the adverse impact of high temperature on the coil. Second, the electromagnetic coil and metal core can be isolated to make the use of electromagnetic heater safer. The insulation performance of glass copper pipe can avoid the leakage of electromagnetic coil current to circulating water and the problem of electric leakage. At the same time, the alternating magnetic line of force generated by the electromagnetic coil can pass through the glass copper tube without loss and act on the metal core in the cylinder without affecting the effect of the magnetic field.

Three principles for maintenance of electromagnetic heater

Electromagnetic heater has become a very popular heating equipment for Northern families. It not only has the advantages of high heating efficiency, low energy consumption and high safety, but also meets people's requirements for a better environment. With the increasing popularity of electromagnetic heater, people begin to pay attention to its maintenance. According to the research and exploration of electromagnetic heater manufacturers, they elaborate three maintenance suggestions in the manual for users' reference.

1、 Damp proof

Electromagnetic heater belongs to electrical equipment, and its parts have many circuit boards. When the circuit board is damp, there will be a short circuit, causing the parts to burn out. In case of severe local moisture, it shall be removed and placed in the sun or dried under high-power light before use. The electromagnetic heater should also be placed in a dry area.

2、 Dust proof

Dust is a common problem of electromagnetic heater. As the equipment is used for a long time, dust will be attached to its fan, electromagnetic heating plate, electromagnetic heating coil and other parts. Dust will increase the operating burden of the fan, affect the heat transfer of the electromagnetic heating plate and the electromagnetic heating coil, thus affecting the heating efficiency of the heating furnace and shortening its service life. Therefore, dust must be cleaned regularly. The cleaning method is to disassemble the shell of the electromagnetic heater and blow off the dust on the fan and heating plate with a blower or other blowing tools. Pay attention to the speed and direction of blowing to ensure that the dust falls off smoothly. At the same time, some dust will accumulate on the electromagnetic heating coil. At this time, you can also clean it.

3、 Anti pressure breaking heating coil

Electromagnetic heating coil is the key component of electromagnetic heater, and its normal use is very important. When using heating equipment, pay attention not to place heavy objects on the equipment, and pay attention to protect the coil from damage. When people use the electromagnetic heater, they can maintain it in strict accordance with the above three principles, which can prolong its service life.

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