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Detailed explanation of electromagnetic heating boiler and comparison of coal-fired boiler

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Detailed explanation of electromagnetic heating boiler and comparison of coal-fired boiler

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Coal fired boiler refers to the coal burned by fuel. After the coal heat is transformed, it will produce steam or turn into hot water, but not all the heat is effectively transformed, and some reactive power is consumed. In this way, there is an efficiency problem. Generally, the efficiency of larger boilers is higher, between 60% ~ 70%.

In fact, in addition to low thermal efficiency, coal-fired boilers mainly pollute the environment, make noise, are flammable and explosive, and have potential safety hazards.

The electromagnetic heating boiler has been successfully listed as early as 2012 and won unanimous praise from users. It is only a matter of time for ordinary factories and commercial coal-fired boilers. It is only a matter of time to replace the electromagnetic heating boiler.

Let's see if the electromagnetic heating boiler is worth replacing compared with the coal-fired boiler?

Electromagnetic heating boiler is a device that converts electric energy into heat energy by using the principle of electromagnetic induction. Convert 220V or 380V, 50Hz alternating current into 20-40khz high-frequency high-voltage current. The high-frequency high-voltage current with high-speed change will flow through the coil to produce a high-speed alternating magnetic field. When the magnetic force line in the magnetic field passes through the magnetic conductive metal material, countless small eddy currents will be generated in the metal body, making the metal material itself heat rapidly, So as to heat the things in the metal material barrel. At the same time, with the high-efficiency insulation device, the heat loss can be greatly reduced, so as to achieve the effect of substantial power saving. Using this heating method, the energy conversion efficiency is as high as 90 ~ 95%.

It can automatically control the temperature. The external temperature of the equipment is only dozens of degrees. The human body can be touched completely without potential safety hazards.

A user asked: how much electricity does the brand electromagnetic heater boiler consume per hour? Will it be more expensive than burning coal? In fact, we don't have to worry about these. Although the electromagnetic heater also uses electricity for heating, its working principle is completely different from that of electric heating wire. The thermal efficiency of electromagnetic heating can reach more than 95%, and the thermal efficiency of electric heating wire will decline with its service life, which may be only 60% or 70%.

If you are still worried, it is not cost-effective to calculate according to the real data of a customer in Inner Mongolia who has used electromagnetic heaters. The heating area used by the customer is 300 square meters. It was originally calculated to use 30kW electromagnetic heaters. The customer is worried that the area may expand after it is not enough, so he actually ordered a set of 60kW electromagnetic heaters, After one month of actual use, the electricity charge is 2000 yuan. The electricity charge on their side is 0.53 degrees, that is, the monthly electricity charge for one square meter is 6.6 degrees, and the monthly electricity charge for 100 square meters is 660 degrees. Calculated according to the electricity charge of 0.53 degrees, the monthly electricity charge for 100 square meters is about 350 yuan. So you can calculate that it's not much different from burning coal, and you don't have to worry that the house will be full of ash as soon as you open the window

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