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Fully promote clean heating in winter, frequency conversion electromagnetic heater has been the key to rapid expansion!

2022-01-18    Views:557

Fully promote clean heating in winter, frequency conversion electromagnetic heater has been the key to rapid expansion!

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The deep winter has come. It's white and cold everywhere, but it's not as warm as the frequency conversion electromagnetic heating furnace! Heating is the basic livelihood equipment for winter in northern China, and has always occupied an important position in the livelihood economy. However, under the strong pressure of atmospheric environmental pollution, coal-fired boiler heating is facing the situation of elimination. How to ensure people's livelihood heating and strengthen the prevention and control of air pollution is the problem we need to face at present! "There must be a way to the front of the mountain, and there is another village with bright willows and flowers". Under the heavy pressure of clean heating, the frequency conversion electromagnetic heating furnace suppressed by the low price of coal-fired boiler can expand rapidly!


Inheriting the industrial quality, Jiangxin frequency conversion electromagnetic heating furnace is an electric heating equipment further developed based on industrial electromagnetic heating equipment. According to the standard industrial design of 50% surplus, the electrical connection part is installed according to the electrical standard, full-automatic intelligent frequency conversion, humanized process and standardized production. The same power is 30% more than that of peers! Using electromagnetic induction double-layer frequency conversion electromagnetic heater, the average preheating time is more than 30% shorter than that of resistance heating tube. Magnetized water will be generated after magnetic field induction. The magnetized water is not easy to scale, and can continuously maintain the high-energy heat conversion rate of the equipment. Through the detection of the mechanism, the thermal efficiency is as high as more than 98%, which has won the national utility model patent certificate!1639549860199295.jpg

Three dimensional integrated heating uses the principle of electromagnetic induction vortex heat generation to separate water and electricity, so as to prevent the leakage accident of electric boiler. There is no environmental pollution caused by coal, fuel and gas, which alleviates the emission of pollutants to a certain extent, and can play a positive and effective role in improving the air quality in some areas. Modular combination, small floor area, no need to join the social pipe network, avoiding the disadvantages of high cost and cumbersome procedures of accessing the social pipe network. It has power-off memory function. When the power supply is cut off, it memorizes all the parameters set. When it is powered on again, the working state of the memory source will work again. Multiple user-defined startup and shutdown periods, WiFi intelligent networking, independent cloud computing support space, can manage multiple units with one mobile phone and one computer at the same time, which is very convenient, time-saving and labor-saving!

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