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Electromagnetic heating is one of the most frequently used heating methods in cities

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Electromagnetic heating is one of the most frequently used heating methods in cities

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With the official arrival of this year's heating season, various safety, environmental protection and energy-saving problems caused by heating have emerged one after another: in order to maintain indoor temperature, doors and windows are closed for a long time, resulting in poor air quality; Excessive greed for warmth, turn on the air conditioner and blow for hours; Afraid of trouble, heating equipment is never cleaned, causing multiple pollution. If we want to make this heating season warm and comfortable, healthy and safe, energy-saving and environmental protection, what do we need to do and what should we do?

1 central heating

Central heating is a heating method frequently used in cities. Because it is municipal heating, it is relatively stable in terms of temperature maintenance and safety, and the cost is not high. Different from other heating methods, the later maintenance degree of radiator may directly affect its service life and safety index. Consumers should pay enough attention to it.

Safety tips: prevent falling off. In order to prevent the heating pipe from rusting and aging, the safety of the heating pipe should be checked before and after heating every winter, especially in old houses; For families that have carried out secondary decoration or transformation and added radiators, the installation of wall mounted radiators shall be safe, reasonable and firm to avoid potential safety hazards such as falling off of radiators.

Environmental Protection Tips: always clean to avoid bacterial breeding. Clean radiators and their surroundings frequently to avoid environmental protection problems caused by long-term accumulation of various pollutants; Pay attention to indoor ventilation. Do not close doors and windows for a long time in order to maintain the temperature. It is recommended to keep the indoor temperature at 16 ℃ to 24 ℃. If the temperature is too high, it is easier for bacteria to breed and spread.

Energy saving tips: try not to pack radiators. In order to be beautiful, we often wrap the radiator with poor appearance and hide it in various cabinets. In this way, it is beautiful, but the actual effect of heating is also greatly reduced. If the heating is not warm, the temporary heating equipment with large power consumption such as air conditioner or electric heater naturally becomes a guest. Careful calculation of this practice is a waste. Therefore, try not to include heating in family decoration.

2 household heating

Compared with central heating, household heating has stronger autonomy. The temperature can be adjusted at any time according to needs, which is convenient and energy-saving. However, due to this heating mode, the potential safety hazards can not be ignored. Consumers who choose household heating should pay attention to it.

Safety tips: strictly prevent gas leakage or backflow of gas furnace. In order to prevent unnecessary hazards, the gas furnace shall be inspected regularly to see whether there is rubber hose leakage or gas backflow. In addition, in order to facilitate the regular inspection of the gas stove, try not to seal the gas stove when decorating the kitchen.

Environmental Protection Tips: strengthen indoor ventilation. Opening windows for ventilation every day is a direct and effective way to keep indoor fresh air, especially in kitchens equipped with gas stoves.

Energy saving tips: the temperature can be adjusted at any time. The advantage of household heating is that the temperature can be adjusted at any time according to needs. For example, working people can go out to drive low temperature during the day and adjust the high temperature after work, which can save energy and money. However, experts also remind consumers that if you are not at home for a long time, it is better to open it in the antifreeze file. Don't completely turn off the gas stove in order to save electricity, otherwise it is easy to freeze the stove, and the gain is not worth the loss.

3 geothermal heating

Geothermal heating is a popular heating method in recent years. Different from other heating methods, which use hot gas or hot air to increase the indoor temperature, the pipeline of floor heating is paved under the ground decoration materials, the temperature increases from bottom to top, and it is uniform and comfortable to use. However, just because the scope of use is not wide enough, consumers still have many questions and misunderstandings in the purchase, safety and use of floor heating.

Safety tips: choose longevity products and do not damage pipelines. Geothermal heating is not only comfortable and practical, but also fashionable. There are many people who buy and sell. People are dazzled by all kinds of thin and thick floor heating on the market. Experts remind that once there are problems, it is not easy to repair, so if you want to use it, you can rest assured and choose brand products; Floor heating mainly relies on the pipelines laid on the ground to release heat. Therefore, when other decoration steps are carried out after floor heating, pay attention not to damage the pipelines.

Environmental Protection Tips: floor heating and flooring may cause pollution. Most families using geothermal heating choose reinforced composite floor or solid wood composite floor. Although the release of harmful substances of these materials meets the standard, if the floor pavement area is large, under the influence of high temperature of geothermal materials, it is very likely to improve or accelerate the formaldehyde pollution index of the floor.

Energy saving tips: heat quickly with ceramic tiles. Floor heating transfers heat from bottom to top, and materials with fast heat conduction are naturally more energy-saving. For example, ceramic tile is a good choice. If the wood floor is paved, select the special floor to avoid cracking and deformation.

4 coal stove heating

For bungalows, suburbs and other places without modern heating equipment, coal stove heating is still the main heating mode. In addition to the poor heating effect, carbon monoxide poisoning is a potential safety hazard prone to coal stove heating. Experts remind consumers to keep up their spirits when using this heating method.

Safety tips: strictly prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. If you want to effectively avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, you should make sufficient preparations for purchasing coal stoves that meet safety standards and installing air scoops and carbon monoxide alarms.

Environmental Protection Tips: buy standard honeycomb briquette. The more tightly the doors and windows are closed, the more warm it is. This feature makes many people give up taking in fresh air and bury environmental protection problems at home. Therefore, timely ventilation is very important. In addition, purchasing standard honeycomb briquette is a good way to prevent indoor and atmospheric carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other pollution.

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