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Electromagnetic induction heating body is the current domestic heating technology

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Electromagnetic induction heating body is a more advanced heating technology in China

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1. Human life is precious, and our products are safer. Electromagnetic heating furnace is a real frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating, real separation of water and electricity and leakage. The product does not need the anti electric wall and leakage protection switch, which is the real safety. If you don't believe it, ask the electric boiler and electric water heater of other manufacturers. Dare you not use the anti electric wall and leakage protection switch? The intelligent automatic temperature control operation of this product avoids unsafe factors such as natural gas and gas poisoning and electric leakage of electric heating rod.

2. Electromagnetic induction heating body is a more advanced heating technology in China at present. The frequency conversion heating body is made of high-precision magnetic stainless steel. The circulating water is magnetized without scale and has a service life of more than 30 years. The core circuit adopts IGBT large module imported from Germany, which saves about 20% energy than heating methods such as electric heating tube and electric heating rod.

3. The heating speed is fast, the machine is started for about 1 minute, the temperature of the outlet water reaches 60 degrees, that is, it is hot when it is turned on, the temperature is adjusted at will, the heating is not dry, and the air is moist and more comfortable; Regular power on and power off for multiple time periods, saving time and effort,

4. The installation of the product is simple and convenient. Connect the outlet pipe and return pipe, add water, connect the power supply, and start up and run. Built in low-voltage protection, high-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, dry burning protection, overtemperature protection and antifreeze protection functions make you safe.

To sum up: separation of water and electricity, long service life, energy saving, safe and clean, electromagnetic heating water heater is a beautiful point, and one machine can be used for heating, bathing and domestic water. This product has 4kw, 6kW, 8kw, 10kW, 15kw, 20kW, 25kW, 30K, 40kww, 50KW, 60kW, 80kW, 100kW, 120140kw, 180kW, 200kW, 300kW, 400KW and 500kW to choose from. Please don't compare the price of resistance electric heating tube electric boiler with us, because there is no comparability at all. If you want to compare it, you will compare the safety performance of the product: leakage: long service life, energy saving: saving money = making money, ,

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Rated power: 50KW

Operating frequency: 10-13khz

Rated voltage: 380V

Working voltage: 320v - 430v

Power cord: 25 m2

Current 75A

Boiler pressure: 0.6MPa

Pipeline pump flow: ≥ 1t / h


Weight: 100kg

Outlet pipe: 1.5 inch (40mm)

Return pipe: 1.5 inch (40mm)

Heating area: 500-800m2

Water temperature regulation: outlet water temperature 25 ℃ - 90 ℃, return water temperature 25 ℃ - 70 ℃

Timing on / off: 4 time periods (self determined)

Working mode: silent intelligent long-term operation

Protection functions: low voltage protection, high voltage protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection, dry burning protection, overtemperature protection,

Low temperature protection - anti freezing protection, frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating, real water and electricity separation -

Leakage, there is no fan in the body, which is a real silent operation

Advantages of electromagnetic heating furnace

Electromagnetic heater heating furnace: 1. Electromagnetic induction heating, the real separation of water and electricity, and the insulation of circuit and waterway.

2. Low voltage soft start can reduce the harm of current surge impact, avoid damaging the equipment due to voltage fluctuation, and ensure safety.

3. The variable frequency power output part can automatically adjust the current according to the voltage fluctuation to ensure constant power, and will not be damaged due to insufficient electrical load due to the increase of voltage and current.

Resistance heating furnace:

1. Resistance heating, whether the resistance material is inside or outside, is conducted through the heat conducting medium, which is not the real separation of water and electricity. There is a hidden danger of leakage caused by corrosion or breakdown of the medium.

2. The relay directly supplies power to the resistance bar with large impulse current, which is prone to overcurrent impulse and voltage fluctuation, and also damages other electrical appliances.

2、 Structural design

Electromagnetic heater: the structure of the whole machine is separated from waterway and circuit, with reasonable structure and high safety

Resistance heating furnace: the water and electricity of the whole machine are not separated, and there are great potential safety hazards

3、 Energy saving

Electromagnetic heater: high frequency electromagnetic induction heating, which directly acts on the water tank through electromagnetic induction to heat the water tank itself, reducing the process of conduction through the medium. It has less heat loss and high thermal efficiency, i.e. heating when adding. There is no need for heat storage container. The instantaneous thermal efficiency can be more than 98%, which is more than 30% energy-saving than resistance type.

Resistance heating furnace:

1. Resistance heating transmits heat to the water supply tank through the heat conducting medium, resulting in large heat loss

2. Local heating, easy to produce scale, affecting heat conduction

3. Some materials decay seriously, resulting in low thermal efficiency

4、 Service life

Electromagnetic induction heating furnace: industrial grade electromagnetic, high temperature resistant wire, used for more than 10 years

Resistance heating furnace: the resistance wire is easy to age and has short service life, generally 3 to 5 years

5、 Mute

Electromagnetic heater: the heating power frequency is 20000hz, which exceeds the normal listening frequency of human body. It not only improves the thermal efficiency, but also is silent and environmentally friendly.

Resistance heating furnace: the power frequency power supply works with "buzzing" power frequency noise. Resistance water supply heating. When the surface water temperature is high, bubbles produce the sound of boiling water.

6、 Maintain

Electromagnetic heater: electromagnetic induction heating. When working, the core component of heating is a fixed magnetic field. Water is magnetized after passing through. Magnetized water structure, the system is maintenance free.

Resistance heating furnace: the resistance wire is generally replaced once every 3 to 5 years, and the scale should be removed regularly because it produces scale.

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