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Discussion on electromagnetic heater traditional transformer type lamp will go out

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Discussion on electromagnetic heater traditional transformer type lamp will go out

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1. The lamp output is stepless and adjustable

a. In case of long-term pause, the lamp can be switched to energy-saving standby mode (small output can reach 5%)

b. The lamp output can be adjusted steplessly from 10 to 100% with the production speed.

2. The lamp output intensity does not change with the input voltage

The control and monitoring system is set inside the electronic power supply, and the change of network voltage ± 10% will not affect the light intensity output of the lamp tube. Many curing systems on the market now use bulky 50-60Hz magnetic transformers to drive and limit the of short arc bulbs. This product is easy to design and manufacture, but they are big and heavy. At the same time, the ability of transformer system to control the lamp power (and strength) according to the lamp voltage change is very weak, which will cause unstable curing and temperature change, and the lamp life will be greatly shortened

The adjustable power supply can well control the lamp power. Due to the automatic constant power modulation at the input, the waite power supply system can maintain normal operation in the case of insufficient power or loss of AC cycle. Generally, the traditional transformer type lamp will go out.

3. Stable output waveform

The electrodeless power supply system adopts the high-speed switch of frequency conversion technology to convert the lamp current in a very short time. The light emitted by the lamp is very stable. This stable output enables the stepless dimming system to output higher light intensity than the traditional transformer + capacitor system. Higher strength leads to faster curing, less heat at the tube electrode and longer lamp life.

4. Unique standby mode - reduced energy consumption, small temperature rise and extended service life

The power supply current control capability allows the lamp current to be adjusted. The operator can change the lamp strength for specific glue characteristics or to meet the substrate temperature requirements. The power system also has a standby mode to reduce the system temperature and additional light radiation without curing. This mode saves power consumption, reduces the temperature rise in the curing area and increases the service life of the system.

The power system can also combine standby mode with a built-in shutter. During the shutter closing process, all the heat of the lamp is released into the reflector. In order to maintain a stable lamp temperature and prevent overheating, the low intensity can be reduced to 10%. In this dormant state, the energy consumption is reduced and the ambient temperature rise is reduced. Because the lamp tube temperature remains constant, the system can quickly return to the predetermined working strength and provide the required curing.

5. Small volume and light weight

The excellent stability design of waite power supply makes the curing system small and light in the industry. The traditional transformer + capacitor system generally weighs more than 50kg, and the corresponding power supply of Weite is only about 10kg. Moreover, the volume is only about 1 / 4 of the transformer + capacitor, which saves about 50% of the space of the power cabinet and reduces about 70% of the weight compared with the standard power box. The connection of each waite power supply is direct plug-in type, which is easy to install

6. Comprehensive circuit protection

The electrodeless power supply has the protection function of various system disasters to ensure high system reliability. System protection functions include:

Instantaneous current limit

Short circuit protection

Open circuit voltage protection

Overheating temperature protection

I believe many users will have the same question: "how much power can be saved by using stepless dimming power supply?"

The answer is: the electricity cost saved for half a year can easily earn back the difference between the power supply and the transformer

Taking 8kw power supply as an example, it works 8 hours a day and 22 days a month. Compared with the traditional transformer + capacitor system, 7516 power supply saves nearly 6020kw / set for half a year, saving about 40%. Based on 1.0 yuan / kWh, the electricity cost saved in half a year can easily earn back the difference between the power supply and the transformer.

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