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Electromagnetic heater manufacturers explain the common problems of high-power controller damage in detail

2022-01-18    Views:538

Electromagnetic heater manufacturers explain the common problems of high-power controller damage in detail

However, it has been eight years since the development of the electromagnetic heating industry. For a long time, there has been a great controversy about whether the electromagnetic induction heating technology can help customers save electricity. Since many customers ignore the importance of the quality of electromagnetic heaters and blindly pursue low prices, Xiamen Xinrui, as a leading enterprise with a complete range of domestic products, is here to reveal some risks in the transformation of electromagnetic heating. In order to enable each customer to enjoy the energy-saving achievements brought by electromagnetic induction heating technology to mankind, we hereby disclose some little-known details in the R & D and production of excellent electromagnetic heating products, so as to enable each customer to fully understand electromagnetic heating technology and energy-saving equipment and choose suppliers more rationally.

The energy-saving principle of electromagnetic heating is believed to be very familiar to everyone. In addition to the matching of the original scheme, it also depends on the service time of the equipment. In other words, if the equipment quality is poor and often bad, it is very difficult to estimate how good the energy-saving benefit is, And it will seriously affect normal production, and even affect order delivery and lose money. In particular, the damage of high-power electromagnetic heating controller above 20kW is common and serious, which belongs to blasting machine.

Ye Gong, senior R & D Engineer of energy-saving technology of Xiamen Xinrui energy-saving technology Co., Ltd., said that frying machines on the market are common problems in the energy-saving transformation of electromagnetic heating. According to statistics, due to the serious uneven quality of electromagnetic heating products, more than 30% ~ 40% of users on the market will have different degrees of frying machines after transformation. The fundamental reason for the blasting machine is that the control circuit design is unscientific, the layout of high-power devices is unreasonable, the production process is not qualified, and the important components are made of cheap and inferior materials. The light equipment is often in the protection state. In serious cases, it will burn IGBT modules, resonant capacitors, bridges and other important components, resulting in shutdown and huge losses to users.

One of the fundamental reasons for the explosion: the design of control circuit is unscientific. At present, in the high-power electromagnetic heating control system, most manufacturers use the traditional analog 3525 or 494 control scheme in the past to generate two-way or four-way PWM, use the frequency modulation method to drive IGBT, change the current of resonant circuit to adjust the power, and then use 4046 for phase-locked control. The heating application has been very common in industry and the technology is relatively mature. However, its hardware circuit is complex, so most of it is bulky and inconvenient for production and debugging. In particular, the selected devices have different degrees of parameter errors and characteristic differences, resulting in poor power consistency. In the actual use process, if they are subject to strong electromagnetic interference (such as large motor, electric welding machine, etc.), the phase-locked or protection circuit is easy to fail, resulting in machine explosion. Xiamen Xinrui currently adopts AVR digital processing technology, which can automatically detect the actual load and automatically adjust various important parameters. It has the characteristics of simple debugging, convenient installation and flexible control. It is especially suitable for various industrial / commercial heating occasions (such as plastic machinery, pipeline heating, etc.).

The second root cause of the explosion: the layout of high-power devices is unreasonable. In the main structure circuit of high-power industrial electromagnetic heating, it is often half bridge circuit and full bridge circuit (please click here for the similarities and differences between half bridge technology and full bridge technology). Generally, half bridge circuit is adopted for power level of 2 ~ 20kW, and full bridge circuit is required for power above 20kW, which will be more stable. Professionals know that when the power is greater than 20kW, the high-frequency current of the coil is relatively large and there is more heating. When the layout of high-power devices in the main circuit is unreasonable, high-strength interference may occur between the control circuits of the equipment itself, which may break down the filter capacitor, resonant capacitor or IGBT module. For the safety of users, Xiamen Xinrui sets the high power of half bridge circuit as 15kw to reduce the current stress of IGBT module. When products with power greater than 20kW are required, we recommend users to choose the full bridge structure. Of course, in specific applications, if the heating area is small and the power density is large, we can also provide customers with half bridge 20kW and half bridge 30kW electromagnetic heating controllers.

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