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Explain in detail the comparison of several common electromagnetic boilers in the market!

2022-03-11    Views:521

Explain in detail the comparison of several common electromagnetic boilers in the market!

Recently, Jiangxin conducted a survey on several common electromagnetic boilers in the market to explore which kind of electromagnetic boiler saves time and labor. Of course, what is important is which kind of electromagnetic boiler saves money.

1、 Coal fired electromagnetic boiler

In March, Jiang Xin visited four manufacturers still using coal-fired electromagnetic boilers, made statistics, and noticed the real reason why some manufacturers using coal-fired electromagnetic boilers don't want to replace new electromagnetic boilers - cheapness. But do we really want to keep taking advantage of this small bargain at the expense of the environment?

According to the market price of coal, 0 and 7 yuan / kg, the fuel cost is 20kg / h × 0,7 yuan / kg = 14 yuan / h, 14 yuan / h × 24h × 300 days = 100000 yuan / year, and the water cost is 100kg / h × 0. 0038 yuan / kg × 24h × 300 days = 0, 270000 yuan / year, which will produce waste gas leading to haze and waste residue polluting the environment. The purification cost = 60000 yuan / year, coal storage, slag storage site, transportation vehicles and all kinds of personnel, 240 yuan / square meter / year × 50 square meters = 10000 or 20000 yuan / year. Moreover, the coal-fired electromagnetic boiler belongs to the pressure electromagnetic boiler. According to the national regulations, it needs special personnel to maintain and work with certificates. With rich experience, coupled with the annual inspection application cost, maintenance cost and depreciation cost, the thermal efficiency of a coal-fired electromagnetic boiler that can steam for one hour is only 60%, and the unit price of the cost per kilogram of steam is about 0 or 46 yuan.

2、 Oil fired electromagnetic boiler

Oil fired electromagnetic boilers need not only oil, electricity, but also water. The combined cost of these parts will be significantly higher than that of coal-fired electromagnetic boilers. However, the treatment cost of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, soot and other waste gases that cause smog = 30000 yuan / year, which is nearly half less than that of coal-fired electromagnetic boilers, and other depreciation costs and maintenance costs are similar, But the thermal efficiency is 20% higher than that of coal.

Like coal-fired boilers, oil-fired electromagnetic boilers also have the risk of explosion, and the steam outlet time also takes one hour. Therefore, the unit price of oil per kilogram of steam is 0 or 83 yuan.

3、 Electrothermal steam generator

Although the electric heating electromagnetic boiler with electricity has no environmental cost and can be saved by personnel requirements, the resistance wire is easy to burn, short circuit and electric leakage after scaling, resulting in safety accidents, and it takes eight minutes to produce steam. The thermal efficiency is 90%, and the cost per kilogram of steam is about 0 or 88 yuan.

4、 Jiangxin super high speed green intelligent steam generator

It only needs electricity and water, no environmental cost, no personnel requirements, no special maintenance, full-automatic control, no inspection fee, and the depreciation cost and maintenance cost are lower than those of coal, fuel oil and electric heating.

The steam is discharged in 90 seconds, the thermal efficiency is as high as 96,3%, and the water and electricity are separated. There are seven layers of protective measures, without scaling and local high temperature. The temperature and pressure can be controlled separately. The cost per kilogram of steam is 0,67 yuan. Although it is so expensive than the coal-fired electromagnetic boiler, it is safe, environmentally friendly and energy-saving!

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