Customize various electromagnetic induction heating coils 

Rated power: 1kW ~ 100kW

Rated voltage and frequency: 220V / 380V / 50Hz / 60Hz

Voltage adaptation range: 220V ± 20% / 3800v ± 20%

Applicable ambient temperature: - 20 ~ 40 ° C

Applicable ambient humidity: ≤ 95%

Power regulation range: 20% ~ 100%

Heat conversion efficiency: ≥ 98%

Effective power: 1kW ~ 100kW

Operating frequency: 5KHz ~ 40KHz

matters needing attention:

Changing coal to electricity is a strategic adjustment of our country. In recent years, the traditional coal-fired boiler is no longer popular and has become an obsolete product of the times. Many traditional coal-fired boiler manufacturers have turned their attention to energy-saving and environment-friendly heating products. Then, what is the product that is more suitable for their own development?

In order to quickly help traditional coal-fired boiler manufacturers upgrade, we Guangdong Jiangxin electronics make the complex electromagnetic heating furnace circuit system into modular assembly. You only need to add a shell to produce your own brand of finished furnace! It has the following advantages:

1、 We are a senior manufacturer of industrial electromagnetic heating controller in Guangdong, integrating R & D, production and service;

2、 Electromagnetic heating furnace has operated stably in the market for more than 5 years and accumulated rich on-site experience;

3、 Can be customized for customers, can be applied to heating, water heater, water heater, domestic water, industrial water series;

4、 Power series: 20kW, 30KW

5、 Heating area: 200 ㎡ - 300 ㎡, free door-to-door counseling from 20 sets, and help customers successfully pass the national compulsory 3C certification, and select the best partner for the transformation and upgrading of traditional coal-fired boiler plants!