30kW/40kW/50KW/60kW frequency conversion electromagnetic hot blast stove 

Rated power: 30kW / 40kW / 50KW / 60kW

Rated voltage and frequency: 380V / 50Hz / 60Hz

Voltage adaptation range: 380V ± 20%

Applicable ambient temperature: - 20 ~ 40 ° C

Applicable ambient humidity: ≤ 95%

Power regulation range: 20% ~ 100%

Heat conversion efficiency: ≥ 98%

Effective power: 98%

Operating frequency: 5 ~ 40KHz

Electromagnetic hot blast stove is an energy-efficient frequency conversion electromagnetic induction hot blast stove vigorously launched by the company in 2021. Its power is 8kw ~ 60kW series, including low-temperature and high-temperature series. The air outlet and air volume of low-temperature system (generally within 100 ℃) are relatively large, which can directly heat factories and greenhouses, and dry food, medicinal materials and other occasions; The high temperature system (generally above 100 ℃, up to 300 ℃ by using the method of circulating air) has the characteristics of small air outlet, relatively small air volume, but large air pressure. Compared with the ordinary electric hot blast stove, it can save 20-35% energy. It is equipped with a large screen 7.0-inch touch screen, which is easy to operate. It can also be equipped with remote monitoring, including computer remote and mobile phone remote. No one needs to take care of the whole working process. It is suitable for chemical pharmacy, food and feed, metal spraying, agriculture and animal husbandry, wood and leather, industrial and mining heating, general mechanical equipment, automation equipment and other occasions.