10-15kw 380V electromagnetic heating control board 

Rated power: 10 / 15kw

Rated voltage and frequency: 380V

Voltage adaptation range: 380V ± 20%

Applicable ambient temperature: - 20 ~ 40 ℃

Applicable ambient humidity: 90%

Power regulation range: 20 ~ 100%

Heat conversion efficiency: 90%

Effective power: 10 / 15kw

Operating frequency: 5 ~ 40KHz

Three phase 10-15kw digital electromagnetic heating control board adopts high-speed optocoupler drive and Infineon IGBT module. It has the characteristics of stable performance, low failure rate, long service life and remarkable energy-saving effect. Support standard Modbus RTU communication protocol. It can be widely used in plastic machinery (such as energy-saving transformation projects of injection molding machine, wire drawing machine, granulator and extruder), food machinery, crude oil transportation, heating and other similar heating industries.


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