8kw380v electromagnetic heating control board 

Rated power: 8kw

Rated voltage and frequency: 380V

Voltage adaptation range: 380V ± 20%

Applicable ambient temperature: - 20 ~ 40 ° C

Applicable ambient humidity: ≤ 95%

Power regulation range: 20 ~ 100%

Heat conversion efficiency: ≥ 99%

Effective power: 8kw

Operating frequency: 5 ~ 40KHz

Industrial design has beautiful appearance and large-area thermal design. It is especially suitable for heating equipment, commercial induction cooker and other occasions with large industrial heating area requirements. It adopts DSP digital processing platform technology and comes with RS48 communication interface, which can adjust power steplessly, fast heating speed and easy to control. It adopts the fifth generation digital processing platform technology of the company, with powerful function and stable performance. It is an ideal product for small and medium-sized heating equipment.