Electromagnetic Steam Generator 8kw / 12kw / 15kw 

Basic Info.

Model NO.:JS-1800-8KW/12KW/15KW

Type:Induction Heating Machine

Certification:CE, ISO

Structure:Vertical Type


Rated Current:36A/18A/22A

Rated Steam Temperature:165 Degrees Celsius

Rated Steam Pressure:0.7MPa

Steam Outlet Diameter:4 Points

Sewage Caliber:4 Points


Transport Package:Wooden Frame


Origin:Guangdong Province, China

HS Code:8514400090

Product Description

Electromagnetic steam generator 8KW / 12KW / 15KW

With the development of society, energy conservation and environmental protection have gradually become an important issue of concern to all sectors of society and affecting social development. It is imperative to use clean energy such as electricity, solar energy and wind energy to replace fossil fuels.In the actual industrial production process, due to process production requirements, stable, continuous high temperature and high pressure steam is often required. To this end, according to the actual production needs of the existing small steam generator, we launched several environmental protection, efficient, can replace the existing small coal-fired boiler thermal instantaneous steam generator.At present, there are single phase: 8kW/220V, three phases: 12kW/380, 15kW/380, 20kW/380, 30kW/380, 60kW/380. Through combination, 120kW, 240kW, 360kW and 720kW can be achieved.

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