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Heating industry: Heating for hotels, bathing centers, villas, scenic areas, government agencies, universities, hospitals, troops, factories, residential areas, and other places.

Plastic and rubber industry: plastic blow molding machines, wire drawing machines, injection molding machines, granulators, rubber extruders, vulcanization machines, cable production extruders, etc.

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry: production lines for pharmaceutical infusion bags and plastic equipment, as well as liquid heating and conveying pipelines in the chemical industry.

Energy and food industries: Equipment that requires electric heating, such as heating of crude oil pipelines, food machinery, and cargo handling machines.

Industrial high-power heating industry: killing machine, reaction axe, steam generator (boiler) equipment

Melting and heating industry: die-casting furnaces for zinc alloys, aluminum alloys, and other equipment.

Building materials industry: gas pipe production line, plastic pipe production line, PE plastic hard flat mesh, geotextile unit, automatic medium hole forming machine, PE honeycomb board production line, single and double wall corrugated pipe extrusion production line, composite air cushion film unit, PVC hard pipe, etc.

Drying and heating in high-power commercial electromagnetic stove movements and printing equipment.

Heating industry

Heating industry

Heating industry

Heating industry

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