Keep in mind the oath: create high energy efficiency and energy-saving transformation scheme for industrial heating


Keep in mind the oath: create high energy efficiency and energy-saving transformation scheme for industrial heating

"With the courage to work hard, we have taken firm steps towards a century old enterprise. We will continue to plough deeply in this field and continue to move forward in order to support the development of national green energy conservation with electromagnetic heating technology!"—— Zhou Wujiang, general manager of Guangdong Jiangxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

industrial heating

1、 Came into being

Industrial heating is an important basic industry in China and an important link in the production process of industrial products. Today, under the double pressure of the technical requirements of the rapid development of science and technology and the air pollution prevention and control plan, industrial heating has entered a critical period of climbing over the ridge and overcoming difficulties! How to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industrial heating industry, realize energy-efficient heating and build the combination of "green environmental protection and high efficiency and energy saving" has become the top priority of modern industrial heating methods! Guangdong Jiangxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the R & D and production of variable frequency electromagnetic heating technology for 15 years. Through high-speed DSP phase-shifting algorithm, multi-level EMI suppression, magnetic isolation drive and integrated intelligent acquisition, big data and cloud computing technology, it provides systematic solutions for building a green and sustainable industry.

2、 Milestone

In the early stage of entrepreneurship, the development concept of "scientific and technological innovation and honest management" was followed. Starting from the needs of users, we have continuously expanded the field of frequency conversion electromagnetic heating technology. In 2007, we entered a new era of low-power half bridge electromagnetic induction heating from single tube circuit. So far, we have successfully launched a diversified and multi style frequency conversion electromagnetic heating series products. Market share and brand awareness have gradually increased, and even expanded the overseas market! As a 4A level service and trustworthy unit, it has a number of national patent certificates and computer software copyrights. It has passed a number of ISO management certifications and obtained the enterprise certificate of safety production standardization! In the future, Jiangxin Electronics will continue to plough deeply in the electromagnetic heating industry, explore and innovate, and there will be no end!

3、 Electromagnetic heating products

In order to adapt to the market demand and the continuous deepening of technology research and development, Jiangxin electronics kept up with the pace of the times and led the team to extend step by step from programmable high-power electromagnetic heating controller to electromagnetic heating equipment in different application fields such as special electromagnetic heater for coal to electricity, electromagnetic energy steam generator, high-energy electromagnetic hot air fan, complete energy-saving transformation system of vacuum diffusion pump and so on. Compared with traditional resistance heating, it can save more than 30% energy, and can tailor-made reliable and stable green energy-saving products for users.

4、 Responsibility and responsibility

Jiangxin electromagnetic is committed to promoting the sustainable and steady development of China's energy conservation and emission reduction, providing efficient and energy-saving electromagnetic heating equipment for industrial production and coal to electricity heating projects, and assisting the traditional heating industry to realize the new upgrading of industrial energy conservation transformation! Take improving the earth's natural environment as its own responsibility and meeting the principle of social sustainable development to continuously create value for customers. Strive for excellence, pursue high-quality craftsman spirit and contribute to the construction of low-carbon ecological civilization!

"Statement: This article is adapted from a true story. Please respect the author Jiang Xin, the manufacturer of electromagnetic heating, electromagnetic heater and electromagnetic boiler. Civilized reproduction is also a virtue. Guangdong Jiangxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., please keep the link!

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