• Induction Heating Shower Water Heater
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Induction Heating Shower Water Heater

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magnetic induction instant tankless electric water heater for shower structurer The electric instant water heater is adopted the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, IGBT electromagnetic heating board converts 220 V alternating current into 20 kHz frequency generating current, and then the coil generates electromagnetic energy to heat up the water flow into the pancake water plate. The main board used 8pcs Infineon IGBT, and other brand reliable parts, high energy efficiency up to 98%, long life time, instant outlet hot water. The control board according to inlet water flow rate and setup outlet water temperature auto adjust working power for the induction water heater energy saving.

Induction Heating Shower Water Heater

product name:   Instant water heater    

rated power:    5~8KW    

Rated voltage/frequency:    220V~240V/50Hz/60Hz    

Dimensions:    478*275*60    

Copper wire cross-sectional area:    ≥6square/mm    

water temperature control :   30~75°C    

operating hours:    Year-round operation    

control operating system:    touch/remote control 

Product Description

The best induction hot water heater is  separation water and electric for safty.Hot water by Electromagnetic induction heating coil. not touch, no face to electric parts. effective up to 100%.

Great benefit of having an induction hot water heater for shower that it doesn’t release any gases into the atmosphere.

Product tags:
* best rated electric water heaters

* 220v tankless water heater

* most energy efficient electric water heater

induction heating water


An magnetic induction hot water heater may be the ideal solution for hot water for your home if the option fo gas is unavailable where you live, or you want the benefits of having an electric-powered heating system, such as a quiet water heater and more installation flexibility.

● No flue required
● No fumes and no risk of explosion
● 100% efficient,  instant heating
● Economic running costs
● Separate water with electric
● Littel heat is lost in the process of heating the water

Induction Shower water heater

Induction heating water heater

induction heating water

Induction Shower water heater

Induction heating water heater

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