Frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating how to seize the opportunity of "double carbon" and win the future of high-power


Frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating how to seize the opportunity of "double carbon" and win the future of high-power and efficient heating

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"Can electromagnetic induction heating be used in hot air supply industry?" "I want to refit the old boiler. The original power is 120kw. What power should I choose for the frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heater?" "How to select and set the electromagnetic heating coil to achieve high efficiency and energy saving?" These screened problems are the consultation telephone that Zhou Wujiang encounters almost every day. Starting from coal to electricity, the heat of electromagnetic heating continues to rise, and the application range has been expanded and widened. As a representative figure in the electromagnetic heating industry, Zhou Wujiang receives a large number of consulting calls about the transformation of high-power heating energy conservation and consumption reduction every day. The core problem is the design and application scheme of variable frequency electromagnetic induction heating. The changes brought by the hot electromagnetic heating to high-power heating are far from being summarized in one or two words. Especially in the current "double carbon" era, how frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating can seize the opportunity to win development plays a decisive role in the future trend of the whole high-power heating.

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For the green and low-carbon transformation choice of the traditional high-power heating industry, Zhou Wujiang pointed out that the proposal of the "double carbon" goal will have a far-reaching impact on frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating, and also reconstruct the new ecological chain of traditional heating. Induction direct heating instead of indirect heating is far more than pure technological innovation, but the choice of sustainable development suitable for green and low-carbon. It is an effective and powerful engine for the "double carbon" goal. Frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating is so mysterious that how much can it change the traditional high-power heating? In a company in Taizhou, Jiangsu, Mr. Zhang, the general manager, pointed to the behemoth on one side and said to the author: "This is a large pipe heating with a diameter of 2 meters. The resistance heating pipe with an original power of 120kw is refitted after removal. The total power is reduced to 100kW and the temperature rises faster. Compared with the traditional resistance heating pipe, the energy saving is as high as 35%, the thermal efficiency utilization is as high as 98% and the energy efficiency ratio is improved by more than 98%. The energy saving and high efficiency brought by frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating is really much higher than expected." Manager Zhang frankly said that the proposal of the "double carbon" target strategy indicates the acceleration of the "green new era", and the efficient utilization of electric energy is the internal requirement of green and low carbon, and the transformation of the company's heating equipment is also based on this goal. Indeed, the high efficiency and low carbon of variable frequency electromagnetic induction coincide with green environmental protection, and the green transformation of high-power heating has naturally become the call of duty for variable frequency electromagnetic induction heating to win in the future.

In recent years, the electromagnetic heating industry has entered the mature stage of the market, and the conditions for large-scale entry into the field of industrial high-power heating have been gradually formed. The familiar figure of variable frequency electromagnetic heating is often seen in large thermal equipment such as pipeline heating, drum heating, hot blast stove, large boiler and steam generation, realizing the high-efficiency and low-carbon heating in the conventional high consumption and low efficiency industry, Realize green environmental protection and intelligent heating in high emission heating industry. It can be seen that the popularity of variable frequency electromagnetic is the result of the tide scouring the sand in the market. In addition, looking at the whole industrial high-power heating industry, the diverse equipment itself and the complex and changeable working environment, talking about energy-saving transformation hastily is like talking on paper. Even frequency conversion electromagnetism will not be achieved overnight, which needs rational analysis and exploration. "Variable frequency electromagnetic has been given an important historical task. It is still a long way to go to seize the opportunity of" double carbon "to win the transformation of high-power heating and energy conservation in the future!" Zhou Wujiang said.

The lag of traditional industrial high-power heating technology has made variable-frequency electromagnetic induction heating an unprecedented success. The popularization of intelligent technology has given new life to the ancient heat energy. High-power heating has enriched product personalization and diversification from the realization of the original simple heating function to the emphasis on quality and service, and the practice of the concept of environmental protection and green. In this regard, in order to win the future of variable frequency electromagnetic induction heating, the top priority is to keep tracking the trend of the industry and bring a multi-dimensional experience of high efficiency, energy saving, green and low carbon to the heating industry. Frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating focuses on induction heating, direct heating and intelligent heating. In the new era of "double carbon", it will have a far-reaching impact on the traditional heating industry and win the future of high-power energy-saving heating.

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