Frequency Conversion Electromagnetic Heating Technology


The birth of industrial green, high energy efficiency and energy saving transformation scheme -- frequency conversion electromagnetic heating technology

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Industrial heating has a long history in the history of human existence. From the early pottery and iron products to the production and production of modern industrial products, industrial heating has almost implemented the whole history of human civilization, and its importance is self-evident! Frequency conversion electromagnetic heating equipment can be regarded as one of the important inventions of industrial high-efficiency and energy-

saving heating. As a new electric heating technology, electromagnetic heater can help the industrial heating industry to quickly realize the transformation of high energy efficiency and green energy conservation. It is a heating method widely used in industrial fields and civil equipment!

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Electromagnetic heater belongs to ultrasonic frequency electric heating equipment, which was slowly developed after the emergence of semiconductor component thyristor. Therefore, when talking about electromagnetic heating, it is often mistaken for household electromagnetic furnace equipment. The development history of Jiangxin electronics can be said to be carried out simultaneously with the electromagnetic heating industry. At first, the application of thyristor can only drive the low-power frequency conversion electromagnetic heating plate. Therefore, the previous industrial energy-saving transformation schemes of Jiangxin electronics were mostly the transformation of small plastic machinery such as injection molding machine and extruder. With the emergence of semiconductor power devices (IGBT, GTO) and manufacturers' R & D and production technology of electromagnetic heating equipment becoming more and more mature, frequency conversion electromagnetic heating equipment has gradually occupied the industrial heating market.

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The frequency conversion electromagnetic heater with non-contact heating has a wide range of applications. It does not directly contact the heated body during heating. The supporting high-efficiency and energy-saving transformation scheme can be customized according to different shapes of industrial heating equipment. It is composed of electromagnetic control system and heating coil. The industrial heating is generally dominated by pipe heating, and the power selection is determined by the pipe diameter, required heating temperature, output, heating time, etc. the coil is wound on the pipe in the form of cable to heat the metal barrel itself, and a certain thickness of thermal insulation material can be wrapped outside the barrel according to the specific situation, which greatly reduces the heat loss, The thermal efficiency is more than 98%. Secondly, the diffusion pump, food machinery, roller, etc. can adopt the heating mode of customized plane coil to be fixed outside the heating body, and make itself heat by using the principle of electromagnetic induction. The heating speed is fast and the heating is more uniform!

Induction heater

So, why is frequency conversion electromagnetic heating technology a green, energy-efficient and energy-saving transformation scheme for industry? The answer is obvious. The electromagnetic heater is a device that converts electric energy into heat energy and converts direct current into voltages of different frequencies. The current flowing through the coil will produce a changing alternating magnetic field. When the alternating magnetic force line in the magnetic field passes through the magnetic conductive metal material, countless small eddy currents will be generated in the metal body, making the metal material itself heat at high speed, So as to achieve the purpose of heating metal materials. It eliminates the harm and interference of open fire in the heating process, and there is no generation of harmful substances such as waste gas, waste, smoke and dust. It is a green energy-saving heating scheme advocated by the state and environmental protection.

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