This Super Easy-to-Use Frequency Conversion Electromagnetic Heating Stove Gives You Who Suffer from Cleaning and Heating!


This super easy-to-use frequency conversion electromagnetic heating stove gives you who suffer from cleaning and heating!

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"The Kang has long been sealed! It was sealed by the village committee as soon as it lit a cigarette!" Near the end of the year, the crowd gathered at the entrance of the village to chat began to raise the hot topic of cleaning and heating of the year. Nowadays, with the increase of clean heating, the development from a comprehensive ban on coal to firewood can not smoke. However, in the temperature range below zero in the north, it is obvious that electric blanket and electric fan alone can not cope with this severe cold weather. People in cities can also choose to turn on heating, while most rural areas do not have central heating conditions. Therefore, before strengthening cleaning and heating, it is necessary to ensure the heating problem of residents after sealing Kang. This super easy-to-use frequency conversion electromagnetic heating stove is introduced to you who suffer from cleaning and heating!

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Through the three-dimensional integrated eddy current induction heating mode, the electromagnetic heating furnace converts electric energy into heat energy to drive the heat dissipation end heating such as floor heating pipe and radiator. No road excavation is required to reduce the construction and maintenance of public pipe network and avoid the heat loss of public pipe network! Simple installation, high degree of automation, one key start, digital input, fully automatic operation and other technical advantages. It also has the function of remote app detection and real-time data display. There are old people and children with low level of electrical operation technology at home. Adults outside can remotely control the on / off of the heating furnace, remote temperature regulation, timing on / off time period, remote body real-time monitoring, etc. Water and electricity separation, fault self inspection, anti overtemperature, anti dry burning, anti water shortage, anti freezing and other multiple safety protection. When heating, the high-frequency wire is not hot. The important electronic components use the heating return air to cool the heat. The design life of the heating core is 20 years!frequency conversion electromagnetic heating stove

Clean heating is more important. Frequency conversion electromagnetic heating furnace takes clean energy electricity as raw material, without combustion, oxygen consumption, waste, harmful gas emission and hot air blowing directly to the human body, which is in line with the flow direction of heating heat flow, comfortable and hygienic. When used in a large area, it can alleviate the emission of pollutants to a certain extent and play a positive and effective role in improving local air quality. It can provide multiple units with combined power supply and multiple control operation modes. If the State Grid is adopted, it can also enjoy the national peak and valley power consumption policy for energy storage and heating. Heating at night and during the day can reduce the heating cost and ensure the heating temperature!

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